Figures from Class




Let me introduce you to the awesome art work of Julie Kay, who draws on her “IThingy”.

Playing with transparency

I’m experimenting with transparency and line quality.

Alexander Calder

I took my son to see a Calder exhibit in Atlanta when he was about 1 year old. Calder’s circus figures are a delight for all ages. Amazing that a piece of wire was so fluid in his hands.

Lab sketch

Waiting while my husband speaks to a student.

Life drawing

I did some quick sketches on my Droid in class this evening before the longer poses.

Got my Pogo Stick

or stylus. It does not deliver.

Compare this with this

I’ll stick with my finger, at least until I find a better drawing implement.

Would Matisse have used an IPhone?

I found this video where Hockney talks about his IPhone drawings.

David Hockney

My friend Betsy mentioned this.

Less is more

Ellsworth Kelly