Life drawing

I did some quick sketches on my Droid in class this evening before the longer poses.


Got my Pogo Stick

or stylus. It does not deliver.

Compare this with this

I’ll stick with my finger, at least until I find a better drawing implement.

Droidlers Unite

I just got a Motorola Android, and I found an application called NOTE EVERYTHING. I am going to try to do a sketch a day, and encourage other artists to join me in this endeavor. I do not usually draw so small but it’s fun and quick. I am sure there are many artists out there using PDA’s. I would love to share drawings on this site. We could share information on apps for artists as well, and even have themes for a given week. Let me know what you think. I am sure there are many artists out there using PDA’s.

*You can see some of my more “tradition” drawings in my other blog.

Welcome to Droidlers

I decided that I’m not going in enough directions! I’ve started this blog to connects artists and techies together and encourage daily drawing/ expressing in a new medium. I’m using a Droid, but welcome owners of any other PDAs to participate. I welcome comments.