Matisse Inspiration

drawing by Matisse

The new app I got from the Android Market is called Draw and Share. You can draw with your finger (though I’ve ordered a stylus), insert clip art, text, save your drawings (mine are saved on Picasa) and send them. I’m concentrating on line drawings now, but color is available.


I think I’ve found it!

I’ve been testing apps for a few days. I was just looking for something basic–to be able to do a smooth line-drawing and upload it to Facebook and Picasa. This is a simple doodle done with Draw and Share. I think I just need to darken the lines. Now I can concentrate on drawing.

Note Everything

These are done on Note Everything, but there is no straightforward  way to upload them.

Droidlers Unite

I just got a Motorola Android, and I found an application called NOTE EVERYTHING. I am going to try to do a sketch a day, and encourage other artists to join me in this endeavor. I do not usually draw so small but it’s fun and quick. I am sure there are many artists out there using PDA’s. I would love to share drawings on this site. We could share information on apps for artists as well, and even have themes for a given week. Let me know what you think. I am sure there are many artists out there using PDA’s.

*You can see some of my more “tradition” drawings in my other blog.

Welcome to Droidlers

I decided that I’m not going in enough directions! I’ve started this blog to connects artists and techies together and encourage daily drawing/ expressing in a new medium. I’m using a Droid, but welcome owners of any other PDAs to participate. I welcome comments.